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Background on the Attorneys and the Firm

Attorney Brian Hart Photo
Brian Hart

Brian Hart was born and raised in Rockford. He attended Northern Illinois University and received a BA in Psychology. He then attended Northern Illinois University College of Law and was awarded a Juris Doctorate in 1992. For two decades, Attorney Hart has been a member of the Northern Illinois District Federal Bar and has been focusing his practice on bankruptcy law. He filed his first bankruptcy case in 1992. Since then, Attorney Hart also served as the staff attorney for the Northern District of Illinois — Western Division Chapter 13 Trustee.

Attorney Hart believes strongly in giving back to his community. In 2008 Attorney Hart was named the Prairie State Legal Services Volunteer of the Year for his efforts in assisting lower income clients by providing free legal services. In 2011 Attorney Hart was the inaugural individual recipient of the John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award. To receive this award, Attorney Hart was selected from all the attorneys in the entire state of Illinois to be recognized for his continued support to the people of Rockford by providing free legal services. Also in 2011, Attorney Hart received an additional special recognition award from Prairie State Legal Services for his continued efforts. Most recently, Attorney Hart was once again recognized for his efforts to help the Rockford community. Based upon recommendations from the federal judges and the appellate judges, Attorney Hart was singled out and recognized once again for his efforts toward assisting those who cannot afford legal services and excellence in representing his clients in the bankruptcy court system thus he received the 2012 Pro Bono and Public Service Award for the 7th circuit court in 2012. (The 7th Circuit Court covers all of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.)

Attorney John Carrozza Photo
John Carrozza

John attended Northern Illinois University where he received his Bachelors degree in 1995. He later went on to Chicago Kent Law School and received his Juris Doctorate in 2000. Shortly after graduation he began practicing bankruptcy law with a large firm in downtown Chicago. After spending a few fast paced years with them, he decided to look for a firm that offered a more personable, client oriented atmosphere. At that time he relocated to Boone county and joined the firm in early 2006 where he continues assisting people deal with their financial difficulties.

Attorney Richard Jones Photo
Richard Jones

Richard Jones has been practicing law in Northern Illinois since 1983. Attorney Jones has extensive knowledge of the local bankruptcy Courts and assists Jones & Hart Law Offices with various court appearances.

Attorney Amy Beckman Photo
Amy Beckman

Amy graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2006. After several years of practice in Miami at a high-volume bankruptcy firm, Amy relocated to the Rockford area. She resides in Belvidere with her husband and two children. When she is not helping her clients, Amy enjoys attending community functions and getting to know her neighbors. She is fluent in Spanish after spending time in both Spain and Mexico and practicing law in Miami.


Here is a snapshot of our practice philosophy:
  1. We believe you deserve honest answers, straight forward information, and to be treated with respect.
  2. We refuse to get voice mail.
  3. We give back to our community as evidenced by our various service awards.
  4. We list our fees on our website for all to see. We do all the above and we do it for much less than most other firms. That is what sets us apart and we are proud of it.
We are Attorneys and Educators

We believe a good attorney's job is split into two roles: attorney and educator. Providing affordable, quality legal representation is only half of the battle. First, we take the time to understand you as well as your current financial situation. Second, we evaluate and discuss all possible options including non-bankruptcy remedies. Third, we work together to decide what is in your individual best interest. We have found from our experience that our clients are less fearful of the bankruptcy process because they know what to expect. We will be there with you to explain every step of the way.

You Can Contact us Directly

It has always been a pet peeve of ours - when you call an attorney / business and have to go through a number of telephone prompts just to talk to a real person. We take a hands-on approach to the practice of law and make special effort to be easily accessible to our new and existing clients. There is a reason why we don't have voice mail, we want personal contact with our clients, not electronic barriers. At Jones & Hart Law Offices a person answers our phones, not a machine.

"Experience Makes a Difference" Brian A. Hart

Brian A. Hart has been focusing on bankruptcy since 1992. You don't get that type of focus and experience in a small law firm very often. Attorney Hart served as the staff attorney for the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee for the Northern District of Illinois - Western Division. No one else in private practice can make this claim. Attorney Hart has been involved in thousands of cases.

Contact Jones & Hart Law Offices and we will give you the personal service your bankruptcy case deserves. Together we will create a partnership that goes beyond what typical law firms offer. © 2016

“We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy
  relief under the Bankruptcy Code.”